Saturday, October 15, 2005

My first day of work (Tuesday) was okay. Training wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. There's a LOT to learn there--more than at my last waitressing job, at least. Maybe it just seems like more because they actually care and want you to know everything before you start so you don't spend half of your shift every day your first week asking people "how this" and "where's that" (totally not bitter toward Thad's....). The next two days weren't too bad either. They focused a LOT on ticket writing. That is the one and only thing that I like better about Thad's--I didn' have to write tickets. I just memorized orders (we could write it down if we wanted to...) and put them into the computer and the order would print up for the line cook in the kitchen. At CB, your written ticket is what the cooks read for the order--which sucks for everyone because servers have to write 'em (so time-consuming and retarded) and the cooks have to decipher them (holy crap suckiness--what if the server has bad handwriting? then it takes longer to make the order and you have less happy customers). Plus, the server has to go back later to put the order into the computer system to print up a check. ICK! Thad's' way is less time-consuming and better for everyone. Period.
Thursday was pretty awesome. McKay took me up to Salt Lake to a concert---sooooo much fun. It was at In The Venue (I hate that name--makes things so confusing. They should have kept their old name - Bricks). The small openers were The Rivalry, Program the Dead, From Satellite, and Electric Eel Shock (from Tokyo!). We missed The Rivalry, PTD was pretty good, and I LOVED From Satellite. As for the last opener....oh man.....there are no words to describe the freak show that is Electric Eel Shock. Three little Asian guys.... It was funny for that sole fact (nothing against Asians. One of my best friends is Asian--you just don't see too many Asian rock stars). They had their neat-o Tokyo accents and didn't know a ton of English, so thier songs repeated the same thing over and over and over (Suicide Rock and Roll!!! Suicide Rock and Roll!!! Suicide Rock and Roll!!! or Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! You are a Bastard!). It was so freaking hilarious. Their stage presence and confidence is awesome, though, and they command the attention and respect that they deserve as artists/entertainers. They did some weird stuff, however.....they kep beating themselves over the head (and HARD!) with their guitars. The drummer, at some point, unzipped his pants, put a sock on his....uh...yeah....his...well, we called it the "cock sock", and played through the whole concert like that. It was so gross. You could see so much pubic hair--you would think it was a dead animal or something. Every once in a while, he would whipe his face off with the end of the sock. eeeeeeww.....!!!!! They later sold the sock at their merch table.....that is ten kinds of nasty....
Finally, Alien Ant Farm played--it was freaking awesome. They put on SUCH a good show. I used to listen to AAF back in the day when they did the cover of Smooth Criminal, so I didn't know if I would still like them, right? Well I decided that I do. Their new stuff is amazing and they put on a phenominal live show. They were so personable and fun. The bassist, Tye, is freaking hilarious. He's SO much fun to watch. It was awesome because I was right up front in the middle. Seriously--first row of people. I was a little disappointed that I didn't bring my camera in, because I would have gotten some amazing shots. I'm so mad at myself.
Toward the end of the AAF show, people were gettin kinda' crazy so McKay and I left the huge crowd and went back to the more chill area (if you've been to In The Venue, it's the part where there are couches and merch tables when you first go in). There, we met Dryden (singer of AAF) and the guys from Electric Eel Shock. If you go to my photo site, you can see pics of me and McKay with them in the "Random" album. We also saw a few of the other openers.
The Headliners of the show were The Bloodhound Gang. They were hilarious and also put on an awesome show. They're so crazy, though. The bassist tore off his shirt and then demanded that the audience spit on him (while he spit on them)--and they did it!! Everyone was spitting everywhere. This was the point that McKay and I looked at each other and said, "I am SO glad we moved...." The guy even opened his mouth and let them spit in it. I was so grossed out, but it was funny.
Over all, the show was great and I had a really good time.
Yesterday, though, I woke up feeling like total crap. Partly because I haven't been getting much sleep lately and partly because of the show the night before (being around all the pot and cigarette smoke). So I called in sick (I was soooo dead and my body was all achey and stuff) and rescheduled my third day of training to Sunday. I started feeling better at the end of the day, though, so I went to Mitch's house and jammed/wrote music with Sarath and Cheo. We stayed up all night writing and talking until about 5:30 in the morning. Then we all just fell asleep for like six hours.
And now I'm here (after updating my MySpace page and other junk). I think I shall take a shower.....'bye!

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