Monday, October 17, 2005

Life has been pretty ho hum lately. Well, that's a lie actually. Life has Period. I spend my days chillin at home with my family, working, chillin with friends, dating, and doing other things I love (like comedy and photography).
Work has been good. Nothing to complain about so far. The people there are pretty cool. I am experiencing "new girl" treatment from a few of them, but that is to be expected. I don't get to be on my own until next week, which is really annoying, because I have experience and I just want to get out on the floor on my own. I will deal with the training for now, though, because the pay is higher when you're training.
The fam is great--mom and Candace are flying out here for Thanksgiving week. They'll get here on the 20th, so I'm pretty stoked. I can't wait to see my family!! This will be the longest I have gone without seeing my mom or sister. Weird.
My friends are...well, they're up and down. Rollercoaster....ish.... It really depends on which friends we're talking about. I have been hanging out with McKay, Sarath, Mitch, and Cheo mostly the past week. We sit and jam together. Sarath and Cheo play guitar and bass and I either just listen or write lyrics. It's awesome. We just...chill. McKay and I are dating. Officially. Like going out dating....I guess....hahahaha He makes me smile....

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