Sunday, September 18, 2005

I'll write more later about life lately, but this entry is soley to tell you about last Wednesday. I was just chillin at home when I get a call from Jason: "Hey Ashley, what are you doing tonight?"  -No plans. I'm gonna sit here doing nothing. Why?-  "Well, do you want to go to a Hoobastank concert?"  -Um, lemme think--YEAH.-  "Sweet--my house in 45 minutes."  -Right on!-  So I went to his house and we (Dallan, Sydney, and I--Jason was working a remote for KBER 101 at the fair, so we met him up there) went up to the state fair (where Hoobastank was playing.) We walked around the fair for a while and then Dallan gets a call from Jason. KBER was recruiting hoola hoopers for a contest. I can hoola hoop like a mofo, so I went over to the KBER tent. Come to find out that the winner of the "Hooba hooping for Hoobastank" contest gets to go backstage and meet the band. Guess who got to go backstage and meet the band? Yeah--ME. It was SO awesome!! And then I was front and center for the WHOLE SHOW. The guys in the band kept looking at me throughout the whole show. It was neat. Hoobastank has a crush on me! Well, that's what I like to say. Jason points out the fact that (1) I was RIGHT IN FRONT, (2) They met me before the show, and (3) I was taking pictures like crazy. Speaking of which--if you wanna see the pics I took (there are TONS and a lot of them are actually really good pictures) click on the Photo Albums link in my plugins and then click on the Hoobastank album. Sa-weet!!

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