Thursday, September 1, 2005

Hey everyone!!
Today tonight. I went to a Stingers game with Jason and his roommates and their lady friends. We had tons of fun. Jason was working the game (he works for Citadel broadcasting (radio stations like B98.7 and 107.5 and KBER 101...meh...)) so we had to meet him up there. We all crammed into Dallan's car and drove up. We had a few...uh...obstacles, you might say. First, his sister called and needed the keys to his apartment, so we had to turn around to go give them to her. Then we got back on the freeway only to be flagged down by every living being on I-15. We pulled over and found out that Dallan's left rear tire was smoking. That was fabulous.
We decided screw it and then went along our merry way. So we head up to the Sandy Trax station to take the train into SLC for the game. We bought tickets and then the train left with us chasing after it. Fabulous. We were already late as it was. Oh well. Bob told us  riddles the whole time and we sat there feeling stupid because all of us apparently suck at being smart. We finally got on Trax and made it up to the stadium and met up with Jason.
The game was tons of fun. It was my first higher up than HS game ever....that is neat. I took TONS of pictures. The Stingers won. Woot!!
After the game we went to this little coffee shop and sat and talked and drank (yes--alcoholic beverages because we're, I wish I was cool...) And then....we went home. I had a fun night. Minus one slightly upsetting phone call, but I'll get over it. Life must go on!!

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