Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Big Ass Show

Today was a loooong day. Actually, it started last night.
Jackson and I went out to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen--mmmm good food... And then we met up with some friends at the theater and saw Corpse Bride. What a cute movie! I liked it. After that, we all went to Colbie's house and hung out forEVER. I was sort of in a bad mood, and Colbie never makes that situation better. She's probably a nice girl--she just doesn't like me. I think it's because she likes being the only girl around. I don't know. She's not very nice to me. So we sat around there for a while and then decided that we would all go stay at Brandon's house in Alpine so that we would be closer to SLC for the Big Ass Show the next day (today). So--we were off. I had to drop Jackson off at his house on the way up, but not before stopping at McDonalds and ordering food in a funny accent. We had fun with the Payson McDonalds graveyard crew. They screwed up our order like nobody's business and we ended up with tons of extra food (and extra drinks because I told them that the ones he gave us tasted like butt). Sa-weet!! So yeah--we all stayed at Brandon's house last night. It was uneventful.
This morning (and what a lovely morning it was, don't you agree?) we all got up, ready, and out the door by about 9:30 and headed to the Utah State Fair Park. What a great lineup this year!! The Big Ass Show was great--no disappointments. Well, the west stage was great, at least: HolloH (AWESOME local band--look them up on MySpace), Kasabian (not so widely known band based out of the UK--pretty good, actually), The All American Rejects, MXPX, Rise Against, Story of The Year, and The Used. There were only a few good bands on the East Stage (Broke, Hawthorn Heights, Cold, and The Bravery). I had tons of fun. They had a BMX/Skater (inline) team there, too, and I got to meet all of them. One of the Bikers and one of the skaters was REALLY cute. ow ow!!
Aaaanyway, I had an all-around good day. I'm just dead tired now. I must sleeeeeep!!

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