Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yesterday was okay, I guess. Work was slow and boring, but I liked it a lot better than the crappy day... I actually got to go home early because we were so dead.
I just relaxed and pretty much did nothing for a few hours when I got home. It was nice. Then I went to WalMart because I got bored. I got Neil and his roommates a few housewarming presents: A straw dispenser (always wanted one...), Clorox cleaning whipes (the only cleaner you need when you're young and renting your first house--takes up very little space, too), Windex whipes (you shouldn't use clorox whipes on glass--icky), and finally--no house is a home without a cookie jar. I couldn't find a cookie jar, though, so I got a really small trash can--one that you step on a little pedal to lift the lid--and told them that it was a cookie jar in disguise. Or a trash can in disguise--whichever one makes sense. That way, when they have guests that always eat their food, the cookies will always be safe because they'll just think it's a trash can....on the counter....Whatever - I filled it with cookies and gave it to them. I got to give their stuff to them because the boys invited their girlfriend's over and we all watched a movie. It was an over all good night. Neil and I are progressing, I guess you could say. He calls me babe--which I think is totally cute. And he has me sit on his lap a lot of the time instead of next to him. He likes to be close to me, I guess. I don't know. He does that cute thing where they kiss the top of your head instead of your cheek or lips or whatever. I think that is way sweet.
Today at work was okay, I guess. It was busy in spurts. When we were slow, we all just goofed around--managers and all. At one point, the other girls (servers) and I all gathered our quarter tips and raided the claw candy machine. Candace (co-worker Candace--not sister)tipped the machine back and forth so that we could get the candy that we wanted. It was great. I texted back and forth with Neil a lot of the day because we were so dead and Chad (laid back boss) was working today, so he didn't care. (HE texts ME during work sometimes--it's hilarious. We're friends, I guess--he's 22). Anyway, we were pretty dead, so I went home early again today.
I asked Neil (via text) what exactly we were today. He was like "I don't know--we haven't really talked about it."  -So lets, shall we?-  "Right now? or later today/tonight?"  -Whichever. If you're slow (he was at work too)we can talk now if you want.-  "Well, a bunch of people just came in, so I'll be busy for a bit. I think it would be easier to talk in person."  -You're right. We'll talk tonight.-  "Sweet. Later babe." 
So today is Jayme and my sister's birthday. Jayme's party is tonight, and she demands that I bring Neil to it so that she can meet him (I guess a few other people want to meet him too.) I don't know why. We're not technically "official" at this point. Maybe by the time of the party we will be. Who knows? I can't even stay for the whole thing because Neil and I have shows to do at Fat, Dumb, And Happy's. Jayme's party starts at seven and the show starts at nine. Neil has practice with his band until 6:30/7:00, so we will only be able to make an "appearance" at the party if we're going to make it to Parkway Crossing in time. I have a busy day ahead of me. On top of all of this, I have to pack tonight because I'm leaving for St George tomorrow morning. I have a four day vacation!! Wahoo!!

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