Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Well, work today and yesterday were okay, I guess. Yesterday was REALLY slow--today was totally dead for a while, but then steady here and there. I didn't do too bad in tips. Lavonda is makin me mad though. She's so old and onry--urgh!!
I went and hung out with Neil and friends last night. We had fun. We stayed up SO LATE--it was nuts. Didn't get to see him tonight though, but that's okay. Whatever--I am gonna go see him tomorrow night at his show.
Tomorrow should be okay. Elliott's Assassin is playing a show at Payson High School (which reminds me--I still need to book them and SFHS...eek!) during lunch. Right after that show, I have to go to SFHS and help with the debate class--fun stuff! ....  Then I have a mandatory meeting (it figures that I would request a day off and they would schedule a mandatory meeting that day...) at six. I have to run from the meeting to Fat, Dumb, and Happy's  for Neil's show. Everyone come see it!! He's headlining Thursday at 9:00 and Friday/Saturday at 8:00 and 10:00. For more information, click on the FD&H's link in my plugins. He's great--you'll love him.
Anyway, I'm tired from working all night, so I'm going to bed--I actually have to wake up before noon tomorrow!!

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