Sunday, August 21, 2005

Well, the vacation just keeps getting more and more interesting. Mitch and I went to see Red Eye with his little sister and her friend. It was really good. Intense. On-the-edge-of-your-seat awesomeness!! I like it....
After that we just went home and I slept for like four hours cuz I'm lazy and the heat made me really tired. So I woke up and ate some dinner and then Mitch and I decided to go to Sharks to play some pool and arcade games, right? Well we finally made it over there (Mitch got us LOST) and there was a sign saying that they were closed for the weekend!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! So we went to Wal Mart and found some fun stuff to do there. We ended up buying bubble wrap and modeling clay. We went and sat by the soda machines and payphones to play with our new toys. We sat there for a few hours playing and talking about...well, everything.  When there was no more mondeling clay to play with we went home. On our way, we went to the Redbox and got Be Cool. I fell asleep halfway through it though.....I'm such a loser....
Today should be fun. We're gonna go visit Mitch's grandpa and go swimming!! Yay!! Then Mitch's dad said he'll take me for a ride on his Harley. I'm stoked. Wahoo!!

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