Monday, August 22, 2005

Well, I'm back from my vacation.
Mitch and I went and visited his grandpa on Sunday and then went swimming for a few hours. I am SOOOO burnt. Red. Ouch.
We ended up coming home a day early, actually. We went back to the house after swimming and decided to just head home. I got home and then drove up to Provo to surprize Neil. (He didn't think I was going to be back until Monday--today)
Neil and I hung out for a bit and then Miriam (a girl from the club (fat dumb and happy's)) called and asked if we could help her move the last of her stuff from her old apartment to her new one. Neil and I went over and met her roommates and talked about Michael B and the club and stuff and then we moved some boxes to her new house. After moving boxes, she made us stay so she could make us spaghetti at two o'clock in the morining. It was nuts, but we had a lot of fun.
Neil is at work right now and I am enjoying my day off. I have to work tomorrow, but not until 2:30. My boss scheduled me for night shifts because she mistakenly thought that I was starting school this week with all of the rest of the young'ns. NOPE! This could have been a real problem--Neil is headlining this weekend (Thursday through Saturday) and I was gonna go to the club each night to support him and because Michael asked me to. Thursday I have off for some reason, and Saturday I get off at 5:30, so those two days should be just peachy. Friday, though, I work from three to eleven, so I'll only be able to be there at the very end of the second show that night. Oh well. This week should be fun.

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