Friday, August 12, 2005

One more thing I forgot to inform you about--I didn't get to talk to Spencer yesterday. I decided that I'll just do it Saturday. Look what I just read, though. I know that all of that horoscope crap is supposed to be honkey, but isn't it weird how, sometimes, it's right on? Creepy.... (this is tomorrow's horoscope in the "love" area)
August 13, 2005
Belief can move mountains and create miracles in your life. Today you are given the added ability to use your belief system like an arrow that you can fire in any direction you choose. The celestial energy is making you rethink your beliefs about a certain relationship. If you can understand what you truly believe, you will make an enlightening difference to what has been a difficult situation.
But then look at the "love" horoscope for this WEEK:
Week of August 8, 2005
Monday is a good time to be honest with yourself with regard to the practical aspects of your relationship. Lately you may have been so overwhelmed with emotions that you have lost any real hold on the reality of the situation. Monday is the perfect time for this reality check. Your emotions are stable and you are feeling grounded and confident. On Thursday and Friday of this week, put your new ideas into motion. Discuss your discoveries openly and honestly with the one you love. Whatever you end up doing on these two important days, make sure you do with sincerity and passion. Over the weekend, it is best that you spend some time apart from your loved one in order to get some space. If you are single and looking for someone new, Thursday and Friday are your lucky days to be out on the prowl. Someone special will cross your path during this auspicious time.
SO weird - Monday was the day that I started thinking about breaking up with Spencer because of the issues we've been having....Thursday was when I was definitely sure I was gonna do it. Before, I was like, "I'm just gonna talk to him about it..." But then on Thursday (yesterday) I was definitely sure that I was just gonna end it. As for the whole "looking for someone new" thing - weird as well. "Thursday and Friday are you lucky days...someone special will cross your path..." Well, there's sort of this guy that I like (shut up, Mitch) and we ended up hanging out yesterday. It was really flirty all day and night. And today we're supposed to hang out.....
...We'll see if this horoscope crap really is honkey....

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