Monday, August 15, 2005

Okay, so Sunday was Neil's birthday, so I decided to take him on a birthday date. We went to a movie (Dukes of Hazard - so cute!). You know that first step where you're sitting next to each other and your hands slowly  inch toward each other until, finally, they touch and slowly morph into a hand holding position? Well that happened. You know the butterflies you get when you like someone and stuff like that happens? I like to call them sparkles. It was a sparkly movie. Anyway, after that I got to go see his new house in Provo. It's a way cute house. Really cool, actually. There's a playhouse in the back yard and the number on it is 1104 1/2 (his house number is 1104.) - How funny!! So we hung out at his house for a while and came yea close |--| know - the ol' smoocheroo, but nothing. So eventually I had to leave because he had a lot of errands to run and then one of his friends was throwing a party for him. So I was driving away and texted him  -Wuss-  "?"  -You could've done it, but you're a wuss-   "I disagree"  -About what?-  "I don't see how I'm a wuss."  -So you're not a wuss...what was it then?-  "Just because I didn't do anything doesn't mean I won't."  -Right-o-
So I went to Jackson's house because I haven't hung out with him forEVER. We went to Taco Bell to get something to eat. Then we got bored and couldn't decide what we wanted to do, so we ended up where we always do when we're bored - WalMart. After having our fun there, we started to leave and then Jackson just HAD to look at greeting cards. So we started reading them and I decided I should get one for Neil. I took him to the movie, but I didn't GET him anything, so I thought this would be a great opportunity. There were so many cute/funny cards that I couldn't pick. Besides, what do you get a comedian to make him laugh? Not some stupid, cheesy, supposed to be funny greeting card. So Jackson and I decided to pick out the most random, nonsensical card possible. I ended up with a card to a neice about how "When you were born and they said, "It's a girl!!" we were all so happy......but you're not a little girl anymore...." blah blah blah. It was hilarious because it was meant to be a serious card, but not in this situation!! So we start walking away with our card and I see this puppy calendar and decided to get it for him. Eventually we ended up with an armful of useless, but funny gifts for Neil. All in all, I got him the card, the calendar, a sink plug, a foam paintbrush set, and a toilet seat. Yes--that's what I said--a toilet seat. Then we grabbed some wrapping paper and the most ridiculous-looking bows we could find and set off for my house to wrap the presents.
After wrapping the presents, Jackson went to Neil's house to deliver them. No one was home because they were all at the party that Neil's friend threw for him. I decided to put the presents in the playhouse. On my way home, I called Neil and told him   -There was a special delivery made to 1104 1/2-  "HahahaWhat?"  -Just look when you get home. I wish I could be there to see your face.-  "What why? Did you get me something?"  -Yes.-  "Should I be afraid?"  -No. Just when you open it, you'll be like, "What the...?"-  "Sweet. I'm excited. I'll get a camera and take pictures of my reaction."  -When are you gonna be home?-  "I dont' know. Prolly gonna leave the party soon."  -Okay, call me when you leave.-
So I left to take Jackson home. That was hilarious. When we got to Spanish Fork main street (around 11 or 12), we rolled down all the windows, opened the sunroof, and blasted some Michael Jackson. We danced and sang at the top of our lungs all the way down main. Sooooo funny. When thriller came on, he did the whole dance in my car. When I was almost to Jackson's house, Neil called. So I dropped off Jack-o and went back up to Neil's. You should have seen his face when he opened the presents. We laughed so hard. His roommates looked at me like I was retarded. Neil thought it was the coolest thing ever. He's gonna make the toilet seat into a picture frame...hahahaha!!!
I helped Neil unpack and organize/clean his kitchen. After that we went downstairs and hung out and talked. We were laying next to each other and he had his arm around me. It was so cute! I probably sound like a little fifteen-year-old with her first boyfriend, but I decided that it's a good thing that he makes me feel that way. He kept tickling me, too. So we laughed and talked and eventually (dun dun dun!!!) he did it! Yessssss! I was happy. So we continued to talk and junk and eventually decided to play Super Nintendo (Mario!!) until about 3:30 AM. At that point he had to go to Payson to pick up some stuff from his family and somethine else (I dont' remember) and then at five he had to meet his friends at IHOP for another friend's birthday breakfast (they continued the party allllllllll day). I just stayed there and slept (all by myself--how sad...) so that I wouldn't kill myself and dozens of other people on the freeway by driving home that tired.
I woke up around 5:30 and left to get ready for work. Worked all day (ick). Toward the end of my shift, Kami (another server) comes up to me and says "Hey Ash--there's someone at the front waiting for you."  -Wha...? Okay....-  Got up there and Neil was sitting at the bar. *SPARKLE*  He saw me and came and gave me a hug.  -Hi cute boy!-  "Hey there. I was in town (no he wasn't) and decided I'd drop by and say hi."  -How nice!!-  So I finished my shift (only like ten minutes) and he walked with me to my car (he really shouldn't have come--he had a lot of things to do in very little time, but he "just wanted to see me"--how cute. We talked there for a few minutes and then he gave me a kiss and we went our separate ways......twitterpated. The only thing that sucks is that I don't know what we are or where EXACTLY we stand. Jackson says we're just in limbo right now. We both decided that I should wait at least a week before asking Neil what it is that we are.... you think that would be smart?
Later, Jackson and I went out to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen and then to a movie.
What a great day!

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