Friday, August 5, 2005

I'm not sorry, and I don't wanna worry...

"I'm never gonna be what you wanna see. Always gonna be me, and free, right or wrong."
Well, well, well--it seems that life, as always, is moving forward with time and I am not allowed to sit and mope.... What a bummer. Oh well--I suppose that's a good thing.
I didnt' get to see Spencer yesterday. That wouldn't be such a sad (and oh-so-short) story if it weren't our two month anniversary. Girls--back me up here: The month marks are not necessarily to be celebrated (except for the multiples of 3--3, 6, and 9), but they should also not be tossed aside like they are nothing. I was on the phone with Spank (Spencer's family's nickname for him--hahahaha) last night and I was like  -I'm sad.- "Why?"  -Because it's our two month mark and I didn't/won't get to see you today...*insert sad face*-  "So? What's the big deal about two months? Woo--we'll do something for three months."  -Yeah, but it still would have been nice to at least SEE you today...-  "O...kay.... I don't think it's as big a deal as you're making it out to be. Let's just do something Saturday, okay?"  -Okay.- blah blah blah   But am I right girls? I was telling Mitch about that today and he was like "Uhhh...I'm with Spencer on this one..." But Jackie (Mitch's gf) agreed with me.
Anyway, work has been tiring. I'm SO tired of standing or being on my feet in any way, shape or form. I took my server test today though! Woot! It was soooo nerve wracking! My big boss--the big one, yes him--comes up to me and tells me he thinks I'm ready, right? That's really cool because, normally, people don't take the test until they've been there for like two weeks--I've only been there one. So anyway, I have to treat him like a customer and seat him and do the whole shpeel, right? I forgot a few things, but he said I did a really good job over all--I PASSED!! Yay!! I get my server card! I'm stoked. So I'm going to a movie with Mitch tonight to celebrate. I think I wanna go see Stealth. I've seen everything else in the box office except The Island, Must Love Dogs, and Sky High, but I don't want to see MLD or SH. Oh yeah--I haven't seen that dumb Penguin movie either, but I don't think I EVER will.
So I have to work tomorrow from 3-11--ick. That sucks. Period. What makes it suck even more, though, is that Michelle wanted us (Me, Spencer, and this guy, Ryan, that I'm tryin to hook her up with) to go up to Woodland Hills and hang out Friday evening - do a little swimming, hot tub, play some pool, watch a movie on the big screen.... But NO--I have to work. La Dee Da  I'm upset.....
I decided that I'm going to cook dinner for Spencer Saturday night--garlic chicken stuff with noodles and veggies. It's soooo good. Then we're gonna make rice crispy treats (the old fashion way where you have to actually melt the marshmallows--not that marshmallow goo crap in a jar). I also bought chocolate to melt and strawberries, so that should be fun. After all of that, we're gonna watch my favorite Disney movie--Aladin--while playing with Model Magic (have you ever played with that stuff? It's SO cool! It's like play doh only it's foam....kinda...and it air dries so you don't have to bake it to keep the creation. Go, my friends, to your neighborhood WalMart's craft section and buy some today!). Kissing will ensue....oh, my dear VLed friends--it is a thing of beauty. Anyway, it should turn out to be a fun night. At least I hope so.
I'll keep you posted.

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