Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hey everybody. I don't remember when my last post was. Probably about a week ago.

Well, Neil's show went really well. I ended up going every night!! I had fun though. Neil did an awesome job and his openers were awesome too. I am good friends with a few of them (Brian, Chris, and Sina).
Lately I've been thinking about the situation with Neil and I. I decided it sucks. He gets all of the perks of a relationship minus the commitment. Which means that he can do what he wants with whoever he wants and I'm not allowed to be upset about it... that sucks.
So I was talking to this guy, Jason from the club (FDH), who also knows Neil. He knows Neil's ex gf too. I was talking to Jason about how I think Neil's hookin up with Chelsea (Neil's ex) when he's not with me. Jason was like, "Well, I'm kinda breakin guy code here, but he is."  -What? How do you know?-  "Michael told me."  -And Neil told Michael.....well, that sucks.-  "I'm sorry...."  -No. It's not a big thing. It's not like he's my boyfriend. I'm not too attatched.-  "I feel bad though..."  -Don't.-
So Neil thinks he can have his cake and eat it too. This whole thing doesn't work with me. If he wants to play that game, then, fine--lets. But I'm not going to be miss nice girl about it.
So Jason and I were talking on the phone the other day, right? I was having a HORRIBLE day. Everything was going wrong. I wanted to beat my head against a wall. So Jason was like, "Man, you need some ice cream."  -Yeah, I know....-  "Come up to my place and we'll go get some!"  -It's 2 AM. Where are we gonna get ice cream.-  "We'll grab a Ben and Jerry's at Wal Mart."  So I went up and we ended up talking all night. He kissed me. It was marvelous. We hung out the next night at FDH for acoustic tuesday (Isaac Hayden played--he's amazing). Neil showed up about halfway through the show....ahhahahahaha!! Jason had his arm around me, right? Well, Neil was giving him the dirtiest looks--it was hilarious. So I guess Neil thinks he's allowed to play the feild, but I'm supposed to sit at home and wait by the phone for HIM to call ME when he feels like a piece of Ashley. Well, guess what Neil? I don't play that game. Heh heh heh  Neil's getting a taste of his own medicine, and I don't think he likes it.
Whatever...I like Jason more than Neil anyway, so this all works out great. Plus, being the band's manager and photographer makes things a little weird when you're dating the's better this way.

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