Friday, August 19, 2005

Funny Night

Well, last night went really well. I didn't do too bad. All of the other comics (including the headliner, Rich Aronovic, who has been to HUGE venues like Comedy Central and the like) said that they thought that I did a really good job, which was really cool. It made me feel pretty good about myself....sorta. I had a good time. Mike said he definitely wants me to come back. I think I will. It will be a lot of fun.
After that, Neil and I went to his house for a little bit and then drove to mine because his car was at my house. We sat in my car and talked for like two hours about religion and family and stuff like that. Then we had the DTR talk (define the relationship). That was.....slightly unfulfilling.... We both decided that we're kinda scared to jump into a relationship at this point. For one, I JUST got out of one--I'm over it, though, so that's not a huge issue. We've both just been really burned before, so we decided that we're just gonna play it by ear. It kinda sucks, but I guess I'm just gonna have to be patient. A big part of me says, "Ashley you've been hurt so much before. I'm tired of being hurt. Just chill." but the other part says, "Ashley! You can't just assume that the future is going to be just like the past!! That's not fair to either of you. Give it a chance. 'Love' is worth the risk of being hurt. Love is beautiful." I'm not saying, by any means, that I'm in love with him or whatever, but love in general. Crushy love or whatever you wanna call it. The first part is just the scared, wussy part of me--trying to protect me because I'm a little scared of being hurt again. I don't know--we're just gonna keep on keepin on and see how things progress. Hopefully it will become something a little more serious.
Anyway, Mitch and I left for St George around 12:30 and got here at about 4:00. So yeah--we're here now. Just chillin. It should be a fun weekend. Wahoo!!!

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