Friday, August 12, 2005

Crap!!! I just wrote a whole big entry and then it got deleted!! Nooooo!!!!
Oh well, the entry (in a nutshell) was:
I hung out with the guys from Elliott's Assassin (Shawn Z, Neil, Sarath, Davey, and Daniel - a bunch of friends-they're in a band together) yesterday. We had a total kick ass ('scuse me) time. I went to their show with them. It was at Muse Music in Provo. The Goodwill (New York), Volition (Utah), Elliott's Assassin (Utah), and Nural (California) all played. It was a totally awesome show and I had a great time. I took tons of pictures. Mostly for EA cause they're my friends and they needed some good pics, so I'm the girl to do it, right? OF COURSE!! I laid down in the middle of a mosh pit to get one of the shots. I would have been a gonner if it weren't for Mitch (thank you!), but it was an awesome picture, so it was totally worth risking my life for it. After the show I went with the bands (Neil invited me to come with EA) to Denny's for a 2 AM meal/after party. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the bands and get to know the members. They were all really cool. We sat with Nural, so I got to talk to them a lot. Volition was by us too, so I got to know them as well. They're all really cool.
Anyway, I got home around 3 or 4 and had to be to work by 5. I slept for like an hour. When I woke up I, needless to say, felt like total shizzat, so I called in sick and slept 'till 10. In about an hour Ima go meet Neil at the cafe for a caramel ice storm. Yay!!

P.S. Mitch, you were right with your accusation last night. He is one of them--pretty high up on the list though. I doesn't really matter, anyway, because he's dating Chelsea isn't he? HE says they just date (each other and other people), but I think they're FWB's.....

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