Friday, July 1, 2005

Well, Lissa and I weren't talking for a long time. I went home yesterday after running a few errands and I was locked out again. So I knocked and, to my surprize, she unlocked the security bolt. I went in and she had a few friends there with her. Both of which stared me down like I was the embodiment of all the evil the world has to offer in the last days. Ick. So I ignore it and go into my room and call my mom. While on the phone with my mother I went into the kitchen and they all left. Good--I don't like them. So I stay there and my lil sister calls, right? I tell her the entire story and she's validating and stuff, right? Telling me how crazy Lissa is and always has been (Candace and Lissa used to be good friends). And then I hear Lissa unlocking the door. The security bolt was locked because it has become a habit of both of ours to lock it while we're home because of Dan. I'll tell you about him either later in this post or in a different one. So anyway, I get up to go unlock the security bolt and she walks in all pissed-with-a-purpose and says "Don't lock me out of my own house." --Don't lock me out either, then.--  "You haven't payed rent! This isn't your house!"  --YOU owe ME money! Screw you!-- "Bull (crap)! How do you figure?" --You owe me $300.-- "Well you owe ME $400!" --Oh yeah? How's that?--  "Rent!" --That's bull (crap)! It's not July yet hunny! I owe you $200 for June.--  "No you owe me $400 for the month of June!" --No, you said $200 because I was splitting half the rent with other people-both of which you pissed off and screwed over so they moved out cuz they can't stand you either.-- "Fine! You owe me $200!" --Well YOU owe ME $300! So I don't owe YOU (crap)!!-- "What about all of the (crap) I payed for?" --Like what? I did half of the grocery shopping, all of the cleaning, and a lot of the driving so don't give me that.-- "Fine! We're EVEN!" --Fine! I'm so glad we could settle this like mature adults, Melissa! You always preach about being mature and a "grown up", but you don't have (crap) on me! YOU don't have a job. YOU owe people money. You need to GROW UP! 'Cause, guess what? YOU'RE MARRIED! You screwed yourself over--you ARE an adult now--congratulations. I hope you have fun paying your bills and rent by yourself.-- "Get out of my house!" --Screw you! I can't live with you anyway!-- "Get all of your stuff out by tonight or I'm calling the cops!" --Go ahead and call the cops. See what happens.--  "They'll make you get your (crap) out of my house."  --It'll be out by tonight - just chill.-- Candace was on the phone for this whole thing-which, by the way was yelled at the top of our lungs for all the world to hear. All profanity (much was used) was either edited out or replaced by a much less offensive word. (most was edited out. some of the words I couldn't think of a replacement for, or I don't want you to know or have a clue as to what word I really said) So I'm leaving and Candace was like "Who's with her? Does she have friends with her?" --No. (yelled) She doesn't have any friends 'cause she screws 'em all over!!-- *Slam* (door) And I left for a few hours. Spencer met me at his house and then went to the apartment with me to pack and move all of my stuff, which is now sitting at his house in his garage. Fabulous.

Tune in next time as the saga continues....

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