Sunday, July 24, 2005

Well, I have been kinda' outta the loop lately, since the net was out for a week or so. Anyway, new stuff.....Warped Tour was AWESOME! I went with my friends Mitch and Sarath (Kanch). Oh yeah--Colby was there too, but she is definitely NOT my friend. Grr. Anyway, the whole thing kicked royally and I had a great time. I met Pierre from Simple Plan and he signed my ticket and left a message on my phone, which I will cherish for years to come. I eventually did get heat exhaustion though, and blacked out a few times. No sleep, no food, lotsa heat/sun, and Warped Tour will do that to you though. Ick. Another random update--I read Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince!! OMG I cried!!! Some big things are happening in the world of Harry Potter, my friends. If you haven't read the books yet, you'd better get on board cuz you're missing out!! I love Rowling's work. She's SUCH a great writer--she really sucks you into the story. It's great.

Anyway, things with Spencer are great. We went to Diamond Fork Canyon yesterday and took some cute pics--you have to go see them!!  He's such a sweetie. I love him to death. He treats me like gold. It's so nice to have someone who would do anything for me, but gives me the freedom and independence that I want and need. For example, we were at Diamond Fork hiking around the other day (spontaneous decision--I had flip flops on, so it was a little bit difficult for me--I eventually just took my shoes off) and I was barefoot and a little slow because of it. There were deep drops and some pretty crazy inclines that I was a little short for sometimes--couldn't reach, etc. And he would stop and wait for me. There was one where I was like, "Uhh....hun--I'm a little short for this one. I don't think I'll be able to touch if I lower myself down..." and He came to help me, but stopped short a litte and said, "Okay, you try it. I'm here, though if you can't make it or need help." So he's empowering, I guess I could say. He gives me the opportunity and the power to succeed on my own, but is there with a hand if I need it. I guess it's little things like that that show me what a great person he is. It's those things that make me love him even more every day....

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