Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Missing Spence already, but it's okay cuz I have a job and maybe a new sibling!!

(Hours later...)
Okay now for something real. Life lately has been...okay, I guess. No---it has been great. I got to spend the last day or two or three with Spencer because he had to go to Roosevelt today to work until Thursday. Ten bucks says that he'll be so tired Thursday that I won't get to go see him that night. I'm gonna go nuts, I'm telling you. Oh--PS and by the way - I added my new photo album site thingy to my bookmark list over in my plug ins. Go see!!
I am finally going to orientation for my job. It's about freakin time!! I was technically hired like a week (or more) ago. I am antsy to start working again. I got my first job when I was like 14 and have pretty much been working ever since then. There was a chunk of time when I moved to St Louis  and another when I moved back to Utah that I didn't work, but that was only because I was trying to focus on school and junk. Anyway, I hate not working. It drives me nuts sitting around doing nothing. Unless I just got off work and I'm tired. Hopefully this will be a good job. I talked to a waitress who worked there and she said that, with tips, she gets about $600 a week. That will be nice, my friends. Sweet (a)--as Jaxon would say (I have decided that (a) is the best way to represent that sound because just plain 'a' is too harsh, and 'ah' sounds like the sound you make after you just took a really big dump....)--That reminds me, Jaxon, we need to make the list of words that we were talking about that night at the park with the slurpees.....'member?
Another topic of dicussion--I was just talking to my dad about the daily goings on lately. We chatted about Erika (his Colombian fiance who doesn't speak much english)--you know, the usual "Erika says hi."  -Oh tell her I said hi too...-  Etc, etc. Then outta the blue he goes "Oh hey - Erika says that next time I'm in Colombia (he goes there often for work) she wants to get exams done and then make a little brother or sister for ya."  -What? Really?!?!?! SWEET!!!--wait--exams?-  "Yeah, to see if everything's all good, you know?"  -Oh, right. Well that's way cool.-  "Well, she wanted me to run that by you to see what you think. Your opinion really matters to her--and me. Especially when it comes to new additions to the family."  -Yeah, I think that's awesome! As long as I can see him/her when ever I want - and take Valentina (Erika's little two-year-old) with me - and spoil 'em to death.-  "Deal."  -Sweetness!!-  "Erika says, if it's a girl, she wants it to look like you."  -What? Why? Poor kid-it's already cursed...-  "Well, because she thinks you're beautiful and so do I. Erika really likes you, you know. She is excited that you don't hate her."  -Well, I'm flattered. Why would I not like her though?- And then we started talking about the step-parent thing and how we don't like the word "step" and blah blah blah. The main point of this story is that MY DADDY AND ERIKA ARE GOING TO MAKE A BABY BROTHER OR SISTER FOR ME TO PLAY WITH AND SPOIL!!! I'm so excited!! Yay!!!!
Anyway, other than that, I don't know what else there is to tell ya.
Peaches and Cream

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