Monday, June 13, 2005

Wow, SO much has happened. I haven't written in SOOOO long!! Well, I'll just give you the rundown.
I graduated (wahoo!!) on May 24, 2005. Yessss!!! It was so weird. Not at all what I thought it would be. But hey, I'm out and it's all good. Life is weird--no, different--since graduation. I wake up and I'm like, "Ummmm....what should I do today?" It's kinda' cool.
I no longer live with my grandparents. Thank you VERY much. The only adult I live with is myself!! I have a roommate, but she's not technically an adult. So yeah, I moved to Orem. I have an apartment there--it's great. I do whatever I want whenever I want. There are days that I go to bed at like 6 AM. I wake up later in the day and I'm like "O...kay....what now?" Hahaha--It's great.
There shouldn't be an S on the end of that word because there's only one, thank you very much. I have a boyfriend. His name is Spencer. He's such a sweetie. Great personality, funny, smart, hard working, cute with little kids, respectful, treats me like a princess. Plus he's totally hot. He's a little taller than me and he has pretty eyes and a cute smile--and dimples!! How cute is that? Anyway, he's in construction--does framing and stuff. When he's not working, he's skateboarding, playing drums in his friend's band, or chillin with me. We've been dating for a few weeks now. I met his family the other day. Yesterday, actually. He invited me to have dinner with his family--his mom is SUCH a good cook. Oh my goodness. Anyway, I met his parents and siblings and his brothers' wives and kids. They're all really cool. We got along really well. It was weird when I met them--like I had known them for ever. They all seemed familiar to me. Weird.
Ummm....I got a cell phone. And......I don't know. If I think of something that I forgot to tell you, I write it in a different post. Love ya tons!!

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