Thursday, June 30, 2005

Urg. Things are...not so great right now. Like I always say--when it rains, it pours. Oh well. It's my curse, I suppose. Wanna hear? Too bad--here goes.

Okay, so my room mate, Melissa, is being....well, let's refrain from using a few choice words right now and just call her a turd. Or perhaps a brat. Anyway, here's the deal: It's HER apartment, seeing as how she's the one who payed the deposit and her name is on the lease. When I first moved in, she didn't make me sign it--actually, she didn't want me to. So I didn't. After a while I realized that the reason why she didn't want me to sign it is because if she ever got mad at me, she could just kick me out and then I couldn't do a thing about it. Anyway, when I first moved in, she told me that I didn't have to pay rent for June. --Weird-- I thought. But whatever, right? Then I was there for a few days and she was like, "Wait, that's retarded. You need to pay for June, but I'm only gonna make you pay $200." --Okay, sweet.-- "I know you aren't working right now, so I'll pay your portion and you can just pay me back." So anyway, the weeks passed and blah blah blah. The day before yesterday, she texts me on my cell and says "Ashley, I can't do this. You need to find a job by the end of the month or you need to find a new place to live." --The end of the month is in two days and you know that I'm waiting to hear back from that state job.-- "Yep. You've had all of June to find a job and you've filled out two applications because you knew I could pay your share (of the rent). Well that was your mistake, not mine."  --Melissa, you know that I have done WAY more than that. I have been actively job hunting this whole month and have had interviews that I'm waiting to hear back on.-- "What else am I to think Ashley? Damn! You're trying to be an adult now and guess what, adults have jobs!" --Okay. Let us both get jobs and settle this like mature adults over dinner (then I inserted a pic of a little winking guy--this text was just to lighten things up)...and sex (hahahaha)-- "Wish I could brush this off as lightly as you" --I love you--  And that was that. She kept texting me throughout my whole date. Grrr. So anyway--the big deal. Earlier that day, we were going to go hang out, right? So we're heading for the door and she goes, "You're driving!" (normally, this wouldn't be a problem.) --I don't have any gas, Melissa.--  "Niether do I."  --No, I LITTERALLY have NO gas. The fuel light is on. My car is running on fumes. You have more gas than me, anyway.--   "So? What?" --So you should drive.-- "How are you getting to SLC tonight with Spencer?"  --He is giving me gas money.--  "How are you getting to his house."  --I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope and pray.--  "Well, I drove all day yesterday."  --Yeah, running YOUR errands. Just because I was there doesn't mean I should suffer now. I was only with you so you wouldn't have to run around alone.-- (besides, her MOM pays for her gas...) "Fine then, we won't go anywhere." (as I plop down on the giant bean bag) --Fine by me. I have a date in an hour, anyway.-- This whole argument was stupid anyway. The first week and a half that I was here, I ran her around EVERYWHERE in my car using MY gas money--not my mommy's. So anyway, I go to pick up Spencer, but I was gonna borrow $5 from the change jar and pay it back later that night. She pitched a FIT. It was a big huge deal. I don't see why, seeing as how I was going to be putting $5 back in the jar in a few hours. I think she just wanted something to fight about. So I go on my date and that whole text war thing happened, right? So Lissa's being psycho-bitch, which is really frustrating because I have a million other things on my plate right now. I get home and her little sister was there (long story). So I ask her where Lissa is and she says that she went to a movie with Jackson, which probably means that she fed him full of a bunch of crap about me. Whatever. Jackson and I are really good friends, so I hope that Melissa doesn't try and tear us apart. Or at least we used to be good friends. I don't know. So I didn't see her all night or in the morning. Whatever. I went to AF to apply for this job with my friend, Nathan. Plus I had to do a million other things with my license and Dan and everything (I'll tell you about that in a minute). I tried calling her and texting her and she wouldn't answer either. So finally, I left a message and said --Okay, obviously we're upset with each other. We need to talk. Call me back." But she didn't, as usual. I came home in the middle of it all and go to unlock the door right? Well, I can't open it, which means that the security bolt is locked. You can only lock that from the inside of the apartment. The only person who could have been in there was Lissa, because I locked the door when I left and she, of course, has a key. So she locks me out and I knocked and called her phone and everything and she wouldn't let me in. Grrr! So I left and got some other things sorted out. When I got back home, she wasn't there, so I actually got IN my house. I was eating dinner and watching a movie on TV and Melissa shows up. She walks in and says "Did you find a job?" all snotty-like and I said --Well, I went to AF and they have to call me tomorrow to tell me when to go in.-- "Let's hope they call you then." --Yeah lets hope so-- (a few choice words were used that I omitted) And then she went into her room, did something, came back out and put her shoes on and left. That was that. THEN 20 minutes later she texts me and says "You need to find a place to live and move out tomorrow. This isn't going to work." --Fine, I can't stay here anyway.-- "That's good."  --Yeah. Fabulous. You owe me money, by the way.--  "Haha very funny." And then I didn't text her back. She is SO immature. She can't talk to me about it in person like an adult--she has to do it over text. And then I didn't see her the rest of the day. I still haven't seen her yet. Here's the bottom line: She's mad because I owe her $200 for June rent and I can't pay her yet because of obvious reasons. Well, guess what? SHE owes ME $300, but she doesn't have a job either. Do I bitch and moan to her about it? NO! She treats me like I don't do anything, but SHE'S the one who sleeps ALL DAY until like 4 or 5 in the evening and then goes to her mom's house where she gets money and then blows it on whatever. Big deal. She can do whatever she wants, right? So she does litterally nothing all day while I'm out looking for a job and getting stuff done and cleaning because she never does. If it weren't for me, the apartment would be a hell hole. For two reasons: 1-I was the one who baught all of the cleaning stuff ecxept for the laundry detergent. 2-I am the only one who cleans! Our house will get really really messy and she just lives around the mess instead of cleaning it. So I end up doing it, right? Fine--I don't complain about it because I'm an adult and I'm mature and responsible enough to just deal with it. She would make comments like "I know I don't clean, but you haven't payed rent yet, so I figure you should have to clean." Whatever, Melissa. So now I'm moving out. I don't really care--she's just screwing herself over because now she has to pay bills and rent by herself. Her mom will probably just bail her out like she always does because Melissa is just a kid and she's not responsible or mature enough to live on her own now. At least I am actively looking for a job. She is doing nothing. Whatever.

Anyway, the other problems in my life can wait for another post. This one is long enough as it is.

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