Sunday, May 1, 2005

My Date With Bryson

Okay, well yesterday was a LOOOOOONG day. It was fun though.
I slept in until like ten--so that was sweet. I realised that I really don't have a lot of money to be chuckin into my gas tank, so I called him up and was like "Hey, I don't think I'll be able to do  it today. I have no money and no gas." And he was like, "Man, that sucks."  --I know. I wish we could hang out.--  "We still can. I'll just use my prom money."  --No way. I won't let you do that. That's not fair.--  "Yeah it is--I haven't even asked anyone to Prom yet." So we decided to hang out. It turned out that I ended up driving anyway, but I found some money so it was cool.
So we first went bowling. That was hilarious--perhaps the WORST game of my enitre life. I got an all time low score of 47--but that was because it was a goof off game. I have a picture of me setting the ball in the left gutter and shoving it toward the pins. LOL  We had fun. After that we went to the Hari Krishna temple and did the whole giftshop, see the animals, temple tour thing. It was really neat. I took lotsa pictures. Bryson played one of the drums that they play for mantra meditation or whatever--funny pic. Anyway, after that we went to Barry's and got something to eat. THAT was followed by a trip to the movies to see "A Lot Like Love" (we agreed before we got there to see whichever movie was playing the soonest--grrrreat). It was actually a pretty good movie. Sahara was better though. So the movie got over and I asked if he wanted to go to Matt's house (Matt had a little get-together with the group to show of his new home theater). We went there and he met most of the group. We watched Pirates of the Carribean and ate food. Yum!!
Anyway, that's my date! BTW Jacko--Bryson=D,R, & M--think about that. Only maybe not so NC. Aaahh!!! I don't know. I need to figure stuff out with Jake. P.S. Jack--spare me the mindsay comment - we'll chat in person. Mwa!

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