Thursday, April 14, 2005

Well....I'm officially moved out. Thank you to Jackson--I love you for helping me!! Mwa!! I'm almost done unpacking. I could have been done by now, but I'm being lazy. Urg.
Well, my spring break SUCKS. I've just been sitting here....doing nothing. Well, that's a lie. Yesterday Mitch and Sareth and I all went to Wal Mart (Yes!--WALMART) and bought a crapload of junk food. You'll never guess how much I spent...not sure I want to say's emberassing. Anyway, so we bought a bunch of junk food and went to Sareth's house and watched a movie. It was fun. Then today, they both went to St George, so I'm bored. I'm just stuck here. I went to the hospital today to visit my aunt in the ICU. It was horrible sad. I just sat there and watched her slowly die. She won't make it past the week, I don't think. It's really really sad. Ick.
So I should be getting my car Saturday if my stepdad decides not to be a jerk. If he does, though, I won't get it until Monday. Icky!! I want it NOW!!!

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