Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Prom was soooo tight....

Oh my goodnes--last Saturday was INSANE!! I had State Drama comp. That was tons of fun. I did really well in all of my rounds. I made it to the showcase round (finals) and then I had to leave before the awards ceremony to get ready for prom so I didn't get to see how I did. grrrr!!

So anyway, I had to rush home from SLC right after finals and go to my hair appt. I get there, she does my hair, go out to drive home, and my dang car won't start!! Aaarrrrgggg!! So I pop the hood and see that one of the battery cables is disconnected. So I pound it back on, cross my fingers, and start to drive home. So I get on the freeway and my car starts acting funny. I pull over and pop the hood (What now??!!)--couldn't find a problem, so I drive home on the back road just in case. That sucked because I was already late and getting outta my car on the side of the freeway totally screwed up my hair--I was mad. So I get home just barely before four (that's when I was supposed to be READY!!) and realise that I just moved and my date--Tyler--has no idea where I live. So I call him and I had to give him directions while I put on makeup. He gets to my house and I'm trying to redo my hair. I felt sooooo bad. I took forEVER to get ready. Plus, my dress takes at least like 20 minutes to lace up while my grandpa sits with Tyler in the living room talking about compost. How weird.... Anyway, instead of the usual corsage, I got a LEI!!! He made it!! It was awesome! Soooo pretty. So we went out into the yard and snapped the usual MILLION pics and then headed to the school for promenade in the '05 MUSTANG that he rented! TIGHT! It was pretty....

So we got to the school only to be taken to the library. We got there and there's this horse and buggy--we rode it to the school! Everyone's showing up in cars and limos and WE came in a BUGGY!! It was so cool! Then we did promenade and more pictures and headed to dinner at Ottavio's. It was so good. There was a guy there that played his accordian for us and sang in Italian! I loved it. After that we, of course, headed to Prom at Thanksgiving Point. We had SO much fun. I couldn't have asked for a better Senior Prom OR a better date--Tyler was a sweetheart.

When I got home my grandma had to help me unlace my dress (I can't do it by myself...that's sad) and I was like "Whoa!! Slow down!! That's the last of my senior prom you're unlacing!" So I (reluctantly) took the dress off and hung it, along with my lei, on a hanger and just stared at it for twenty minutes. That's it. No more prom. Then Sadies will come and go and then graduation. And then it's over. All over. Goodbye high school. Goodbye friends. Goodbye easystreet. It's almost sad. ALMOST.
Anyway, I got to school yesterday to hear for the first time along with the rest of the school that Sean and I recieved the Gold Medal for our scene at competition!! Wahoo!! Exciting stuff!! I'm stoked.
I have so many things that I want to say, but I'll let you digest this first. Lots of love!!

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