Sunday, April 10, 2005

Late Night Excursions....

Well, this weekend has been fun-filled. Hahaha--I started moving crap out on Friday and got Conquer to work on my grandparents' computer!! Woot! Then Saturday I went car shopping with my grandpa. We found my car! (Not getting the Ford anymore) It's a Mazda 626 LX. It's a cute little gold car. I should be getting it sometime this week. We went and did a carfaxx histort report or whatever on it, and got ALL the details. It's a good little car!!

Anyway, last night was hilarious. I was just sittin here chillin and Mitch and Sareth came over. Then we went and chilled at Mitch's house for a bit. I finally went home and was playin conquer for a while with Mitch and Ronnie and Mitch was like "Well, Ima go--me and Kanch (Sareth) are going to Wal Mart" --Without me??!!  "Well, do you two wanna come?" So we all (Kanch, Mitch, Me and Ronnie) went to Wal Mart at like 1 AM. Hilarity ensued. We ran around Wal Mart like little kids. (In case Mitch or Sareth or Ronnie reads this--"Where's my d*** blowdryer!!??") LOL. Well, Mitch and I were playing tag and I started running, right? Well, they roped off this little section where they were waxing the floor. Yeah...didn't see the rope. Got Clotheslined. Ended up on my back on a newly-waxed floor with a hurt elbow. It freaking kills. I hate this! Grrrrr. Anyway, we eventually made it

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