Friday, April 29, 2005

I got so much done today! I'm so proud of myself. I got my license plates (finally) but they didn't have the right screws. So after school I went to Napa and got the right stuff. That took a while though because whoever had the car before me broke off a stud or whatever in the hole, so we had to drill it out. Then we had to try bolt after bolt to find the right size. Eventually, we found success. I also got my windshield inspected and waranteed.
THEN I went to Olson's to pick up my paycheck. On my way to the bank from Olson's, I got flipped off for the first time ever by and angry driver!! Wahoo!! It was AWESOME! Thank you, whoever you were. She was CLEARLY on edge....all I did was turn left onto a street that she was on. Apparently she thought I should have waited for her to pass, but she was far enough way for me to turn safely. Whatever.
So I went to the bank, cashed my check, filled up my gas tank, and headed home. I was there for about ten minutes before I called Jackson to find out if he was as bored as I was--SUCCESS!! So we went to the mall and went shopping (I got a new belt--yippee!!, some white rubber bracelets(those ones that posers intertwine on their wrists), and a few cute little toe rings--I spent a grand total of $9.53 because I'm a smart shopper!!) and bought a few movie tickets. We saw Sahara--which, by the way, is awesome--LOVED it. We also bought tickets for Star Wars: Episode III for 7:30 PM, May 21. I'm STOKED!! Wahoo!!
Anyway, tomorrow I'm going on a date with cute boy from Bountiful (Bryson--but who cares what his real name is?) that I met at State comp. I actually competed against him in my second round and beat him. I don't know how it's gonna turn out, but I'll make sure and tell you about it.

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