Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A change of perspective

Well, I have my car--wahoo!! I LOVE IT!! It's so freakin awesome. But now I have to worry about car payments, insurance, gas, etc... Ugh. I hate life sometimes. You get something good, but that always comes with like four or five bad things.
Okay, so I went to go finally get my Utah DL, right? I go there, fill out the paper, turn it in, wait in line forEVER, get to the desk and find out that I can't do it there--I have to go to Orem. Good crap, people! So I'm going there today. Plus I have to get a replacement social security card. That'll be a pain. AND I have to go up to Orem to pick up my prom dress. I'm excited about that one though.
My Aunt died on Sunday. forgot to mention that. She's been wanting to go for a while now though. She was really old (she was actually my mom's aunt) and her husband died like ten years ago. I hated going to the hospital - seeing her suffer. She was such a great lady. I'm glad that she doesn't have to suffer anymore. It was weird being there though. I hate hospitals. There's too much sickness, sadness, and death. Aunt Fern's friends were there. They were all old and suffering from their own ailments as well as old age. It was  weird. They were talking about how so and so died last week and what's her bucket died two days ago. It really put things into perspective. When you start getting up there--old--your friends all start dieing and junk. That's gonna suck. I realised how blessed I am to be young and healthy and vibrant. I feel bad complaining about my day when here's my grandma with her friends dropping like flies. I realise how much I need to juice every day to the last drop, because one day I won't have that opportunity. I need to live each day like it's my last. I read a poem yesterday. The last part of it was "Always serve bread with you wine. But, son, always serve wine." (the narrator was a father talking to his son). Carpe dium, my friends.

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