Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Well, today was Region 6 Drama competition. My school hosted it. It was awesome! I got all superiors and took first in all of my rounds. After all was said and done, I showed my coach my ballots and she was like "Oh my gosh Ashley ("what?" ) They didn't announce it because you and Sean are vets, but you two took first over all!" I was like "NO WAY!!" So yeah--I'm pretty stoked. Plus, our judge for the third round is a casting director for the WB and Disney or something and after the round, she stopped me in the hall and talked to me about auditioning for some stuff. She wants me to audition for tv/movie stuff! How cool is that? So anyway, Sean and I made it to state and Ms Curley said that if we do as well there as we did at Region, we'll make it to the showcase round for sure! I'm so excited.

So lately I've been thinking about a lot of different things. I thought I had everything figured out, you know? I was going to go the the U and get degrees in architecture and landscape design. But now...I dont' know. Maybe I'm just going through a stage where I'm doubting all of my decisions. I'm at the point of my life where every choice that I make is going to affect my future in a big way. I'm starting to think about everything now. Not that I didnt' before, but it's all coming up now. Staring me in the face. Graduation, college, marriage, a family.....goodness!! The rest of my life is coming up FAST. Because of that, EVERYTHING has been on my mind lately. Litterally everything. I've been questioning everything, you know? "Do I really want to go to the U? Do I really want to be an architect? Who am I going to marry and how/when will we meet? Am I ready to be a mom in the next few years? etc etc etc" I don't know. It's craziness! It's hard to know what to do next. What if the guy I'm supposed to marry is at the U and I don't go? What if I go to the U and my future husband is at UVSC or something? See what I mean? It's scary. What if I've already met him? WHO IS HE? I want to know! But then again, I don't. I'm so weird.

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