Thursday, March 3, 2005

Okay, so I went shopping yesterday. That felt SOOOO good. I have been so stressed out lately. It's going to be that way until graduation, though, so I'm getting used to it. Anyway, I love shopping when I'm stressed. I had to get makeup for the pageant/pictures. I NEVER wear makeup, but I have to start. Or so says my coach for the pageant. She says I need to start wearing makeup and heels. ICK! Okay, I am NOT a makeup and heels girl. I'm a jeans, t-shirt, and flip flops girl. Ugh. So anyway, I bought makeup and nylons and hair color. It's the same hair color that I have, but a bit warmer because my hair color is SO dull it makes you tired. So I got my stuff and went home and watched a movie. Later on I went to Carmen's house and she did my hair and we got to talk, which we haven't been able to do in a while. It felt good. Carmen is one of those people that you can always go to to vent. She's awesome.

So I went home and just....sat felt good to ignore my responsibilities for a bit. I just got two new CDs--The soundtrack to Honey and Usher (Confessions). I sat there and did nothing while listening to music. It's my favorite thing to do. Looking back, though, I can't believe that I just sat there and did nothing when there were SO many things that needed to be done. I haven't done homework in AGES. I still have pretty good grades, so I have no motivation whatsoever to actually DO my homework. I mean, the satisfactory feeling of getting and A instead of a B+ should be enough right? Shouldn't the fear of maybe not getting into college be enough? I think so. If I think that way, though, why am I still unmotivated? It's called Senioritis, my friends. I have it bad. I don't care about anything unless it's fun. Ugh--that's so annoying. I hate being lazy. Don't think you can hide from senioritis, kids. It just doesn't work that way. It gets the best of us. Even Miss Perfect Kara Clark and Organized and On-The-Ball Jessica Waite. It has effected us all. There is NO ESCAPING IT!!

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