Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Dishwalla (That's a band, you know...)

Once upon a time I loved him. So much it hurt. But I liked that kind of hurt. The kind of hurt that comes from loving so much you're going to explode. Exciting love. Everytime I saw him I fell short of breath. That kind of exciting love. Yes, I know I'm just a teenager, but I really felt it. The rush. I told him everything and more. How, then, could he do the thing to me that he knew would hurt the most? The thing that my father did to my mother. The thing that tore my family apart and robbed me of a normal childhood. How? I just don't understand how someone who loves you so much could do something like that to you. He tells me, "No one will ever love you the way I do." Well, doesn't that just suck? No one's ever going to love me enought not to cheat on me, huh? Thank you for cursing me. I apreciate that, I really do because every guy that has EVER been a part of my life has hurt me. So maybe I'll never find love, never be married, never have a family. But no--I'm not giving that up because of him or Seth or Brandon or any of them. You'll be sorry you disregarded my love, even if it was just for a minute so you could kiss someone else. You'll be sorry you "just weren't thinking". You be sorry you hurt me...when I'm gone. In the arms and love of someone else who knows how to treat me right. You'll be sorry and I'll be glad that I learned what a real man is.
Whew! Now that that's over, I would just like to say---ug. That's right ladies and gentlemen--UG--for lack of another word or string of words we like to call sentences. I'm witnessing the wee hours of the morning and I lack the concentration and will to say anything worthwhile. All you get is mindless, ongoing, senseless, repetetive babble CRAP. Aight, I'm out. Sorry to bore you with this pointless post. It's all past (WAY past) frustration finally put into words. Amen. Good night. Don't wake me up for another six hours.

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