Saturday, February 19, 2005


Well, today--er--YESTERDAY-- was...long....I woke up and had my first pageant workshop. It was a lot of fun. They had hair people come and teach us about "pageant hair" and makeup people come and teach us about "pageant makeup" and wardrobe people, etc...A former Miss Spanish Fork was there too. She talked about our platform/community service stuff. It was cool, though. We picked our numbers and hostesses. I'm number seven! Yay! Good number. Second to last. Time to change, plus I'm in the judges' minds when they're making decisions. Anyway, we got lots of free stuff. Jewelry, bags, a radio, shirts, etc. Lots of fun. They took a group picture of us as well that's going to go in the Spanish Fork Press. LOL  Spanish Fork's so cute!

So after the workshop I had a meeting with my "pageant coach" (mom's friend's daughter who knows what she's doing) and we picked out my dresses and stuff. She even gave me homework. Ick. I have to go find these shoes, and those buttons, and this hair product--OH!--and I have to do alla my paperwork. There's SO MUCH PAPERWORK!! It's insane. You should see the contract. I had to sign my life away...

When I finally got to go home, I had to start getting ready for Sweethearts (a dance). I ran over to Jessica's house to get ready, but I was late. I had 20 minutes to do my hair and makeup. Okay, ummm--NO. It actually turned out pretty well. We looked cute. I thought so at least. So we picked up our dates and went to dinner and a date and, finally, the dance. It was hilarious good fun.

So now it's 3 AM and I'm gonna hit the sack--I'm soooooooooo tired....

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