Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Okay. So like I said, I went to my first MSF workshop Saturday. It was cool, I guess.  I find myself doing things that I never thought I would do and then I just start laughing my freakin head off at myself. Like tanning. Yes, I went tanning yesterday. Weird--I know.
Then I went to Sweethearts Saturday night. That was fun. Jessica and Nicole and I were all in a car together with Greg, Ryan, and Adam. Greg acted weird all night. Whatever. I had fun with Adam. We danced and talked and stuff, which was cool because Adam and I haven't talked in forEVER. Anyway, the date was way fun. Our group was HUGE. 36 people. Insanity. The dance was a blast. After we dropped off the boys we all talked about the pros and cons of the night. Jessica and Nicole talked about how all they wanted to do all night was just go talk to their boyfriends. I was like, "Ummmm.......yeah......" So I decided to swear off boys for a while. Boys are nothing but trouble and they cause mass confusion. I'll date and stuff, but nothing serious. Period. I'm done with this serious crap. DONE! Or so I thought.....
So I got home and checked my Myspace account/inbox and this kid that I haven't seen since like sophomore year found me on the site and wrote to me. I was like, "Whoa! Cute boy that I had a crush on in Junior High and junk wrote to me!" So I wrote him back and he suggested that we get together and go do something, right? So I was like "Oh heck yeah. Sweet." and I gave him my phone number. Wonder of wonders--he actually CALLED ME. Holy crap--miracle boy. So we talked for a bit and decided that we would get together this weekend. I'm excited. He's way cute and such a nice boy. He's like 5'11"ish blond hair, blue eyes, cute smile and he's funny! He plays the guitar and writes lyrics and all kinds of fun stuff.
So I don't know what to do about other boy junk. "Ben" and I are...I dont' know. Nothing, really. We talk sometimes, but I think I'm going to stop even that because I don't want him to get the wrong idea. Plus he lives clear up in Orem so.....bleh. Greg acts all weird around me now, so I guess that's over. It sucks, but I don't know what else to do . I hope we aren't all weird around each other forever. We were gonna go to Prom and stuff, but I don't know if he wants to anymore. I hope so. Even though things won't be the same, I still hope we can be good friends like before. I was so excited about Prom, too. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to sit back and wait. I don't know if I should even get my dress - I don't know if I'm going anymore.....  >.<
Well, I guess this is it for now. Peace out!

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