Friday, February 25, 2005

A Day Like Today In The Life Of Ashley

Okay. So today of those days. Don't even think "Oh yeah--I know. One of THOSE days." because you really have no idea what I'm talking about until I tell you. I hate it when people say that. And everyone always says, "Oh yeah-- I know what you mean." Shut up. No you don't. Anyway, it wasn't BAD, per se...but...Well, okay--here's how it went:
First period- Missed it. I was at a call back for an audition I did two days ago. I had to sing and my throat was all icky this morning. So yeah--I did okay, but I could have done a LOT better. I won't know how I did until Monday. She had me read/sing for "Rita"--an Italian lady in a lot of trouble. If I don't get that part, that's okay because I want to be the Landlady. LOL that part would be sooooo much fun.
Second Period- GHEY! I had to watch this retarded movie in Spanish. The JUNIOR HIGH has better acting than that, and they SUCK. So after the movie "Senior McGuire" tells us that we have to write a two page report about the novel that we just read. The report has to be written IN SPANISH. Okay, so I can do it, but I refuse to waste my time on this fruitless peice of crap. The assignment is worth 50 points. 1 peso (fake spanish money McGuire gives us for answering questions or speaking spanish in class--yo soy muy rica!!!) is worth 1 point. So I ponied up the dough. That's right. Laid down fifty big ones and stapled them to a paper that said "Report" on it so I wouldn't have to do anything.... McGuire was like, "You're not really going to do that, are you Ashley? You're the only one in the class that will actually be able to DO this assignment. I'm disappointed..." And I was like, " see--I don't really I EARNED these, and the right to do THIS!" I shoved my paper in the second period box and left.
Third Period- Test on The Merchant of Venice. Totally aced the sucker. Plus, I found out that my awesomely cute friend, Tyler, wants to ask me to prom. (I talked to Greg and he said there are two people that he wants to go with (one is me and the other is....a person) and if I have someone else to go with, that's fine, he'll go with the other girl--so I made the decision for him!)
Fourth Period- Spent most of it in a photo shoot. Fun stuff
Fifth Period- Played in the dirt (greenhouse work...soooo easy)
After school I had rehearsal. It was hilarious good fun. I LOVE this show. It's so stinkin funny! I can't wait until we open.
So I'm hurrying to update so I can get other stuff done! Later friends!

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