Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Um...Postage (Hahaha--That's funny...)

Well, tonight is opening night for Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. I'm.....meh--who cares? That's basically how I feel. I'm not excited, but it's not like I'm dreading it either. I look like Princess Laya (or however youspell it) today. Last night when the directors were giving us notes, Mr. Lunt said, "Ashley, you're too pretty--you need to be more nerdy. I want ringletted pigtails and glasses." So my hair is pigtailed and barrel-rolled. I look like a freak. Oh well. I guess I don't really care. It's actually kinda' funny. I only have one more class to deal with stares. I love this class! Debate is perfect for my to have 4th period. It's right after lunch and, a lot of the time, we don't really do anything. I usually just sit and do nothing or listen to music. Well, today I decided to come to the lab and update since I haven't in a while and I won't have time to for a bit. I have shows every night for the rest of this week. Saturday I have my first Miss Spanish Fork (which I will refer to as MSF from now on) meeting. I found out that it's gonna be a lot sooner than I thought. Like MARCH sooner. I thought it would be around April or May. I was wrong. So now I have to haul butt.   >.<    So yeah. My life revolves around the show right now so there's nothing really interesting to talk about. I LIVE in the dang theater. That's okay though. I'm used to it. Crunch week is always like this. Hopefully this week won't be as long as I think it will be. It has already been going WAY ssssllllloooooowwwwww. I swear -  it feels like it's at least Friday but it's only Tuesday! Gar!! Oh! I got a calling! Woot! I'm now the Ward Relief Society "Spotlight" Specialist. I basically just coordinate the monthly spotlight. (If you're not a member of my church, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Heck, you might not know what I'm talking about even if you ARE a member. LOL)  So.....OH! Remember me telling you about that online game I play (NERD)? Conquer? Yeah. Anyway, your character can get married on CO (conquer online) right? Well, my "husband" is Recin (Matt)--a friend of mine from Canada. He has my login info and he get's on Kiah (my character) all the time and takes her stuff/money. It's really annoying. So I got on yesterday and he was like "Oh hey--I borrowed $800,000 from Kiah." BORROWED??!!! "Borrowed" would mean that he ASKED me and I LENT it to him. But he didn't. Grrr. I was so mad. 800K of MY hard-earned  money. I know I sound retarded complaining about some stupid game, but I was mad. Anyway, so I was like "That's it, Ashley. That's the LAST straw!! He's taken your stuff and money and lost stuff too many times now." So I changed the password to my account. HA! Take THAT Matt!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Anyway....I'm a freak. Later

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