Sunday, January 9, 2005

No Troubles....For Now......

Well, last night was interesting. Wait--let's start earlier on in the day. I woke up late (had a horrible migraine-filled night). I was late for our Saturday morning rehearsal (I know--Saturday MORNING--who DOES that? yeesh.....) So I finally make it to rehearsal like an hour late. And find out it's a DANCE rehearsal. Yay. So I'm dancing with a bunch of idiots who don't know their choreography and get kicked in the shin--instant bruise. It freakin killed. I wanted to cry--seriously. And I don't cry. So I went out in the hall and slammed my fist against the wall a few times to release the extreme pain in my shin, pull up my pant leg and saw the already giant, purple bruise and bump growing on my leg. That was just great, let me tell ya. Then the director finally gets there. I asked her if she had our headshots back from the photo shoot (I knew she had them--the choreographer told me. I just didn't want to run up and be like "Hey give me my pictures"...). Well, surprize, surprize--she had them. BUT--other people didn't pay for theirs, so I can't have mine. Does that make sense, I ask? NO!! But she doesn't care--I don't get my pics back till Monday. Oh well.

So I went home and called Greg's mom (Late, BTW....there were a few idiots who couldn't shut up and learn their choreography, so I got out like a half hour late...grrrr) and she said she'd come get me in a half hour. So I take a shower and she comes and picks me up. We went shopping. It was the best release.....I got two pairs of pants and a shirt--ALL on sale--for (are you ready for this?) $22. I was ecstatic! Then we went out for lunch and I went home. I called Greg and he didn't pick up his phone. For like two hours. I was frustrated.

So Greg finally calls me back "I'm sorry--I was at a movie with Ryan. It was longer than we thought it would be." Pfff--The Aviator. From this point forward that movie is on "The Roots of all Evil" list. Okay?  So anyway, we talked for a bit. I let him know I was upset. He came and picked me up a little bit after that and we went and hung out at his house. Then we went up to Woodland Hills with Michelle cuz she had to babysit and she doesn't like going up alone. So Ryan, Michelle, Greg, and I were up in WH hangin out watchin tv and stuff and I got tired. I was resting my legs on Greg and I fell asleep on 'im. he was all holdin my hand and stuff--it was cute. 'Specially when he woke me up and put my shoes on for me. He's a doll.

So.....yeah. I don't know. About anything. I'm retarded, I swear. I'm lost, but I don't care. Greg and Ryan are bein all sneaky about Recession and Prom (Recession=January Dance at school. Prom is in April). I wonder what they're up to.....they say I'll find out soon. I don't know if I should be scared....I guess we'll see.

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