Friday, December 3, 2004

Whoa--I haven't written in over a month. It's insane. Well, that's my whole life, I gues... I really don't know what to talk about. I finished the show I was in (finally). Oh! My trip to California was awesome. I had a blast!! Ummm.....yeah......

Let's see....I started a new trimester in school this week. I like it. I was SO ready for a change. I like my new classes. I have Health Occupations, Spanish, English, Debate, and Horticulture.

We had our first snow this past Monday--Crazines!! Finally--it usually come's before my birthday. Just a little late this year...but we had a good foot or less.

I found out that I get to go home for Christmas!! I can't wait. I miss my family so much! Especially Candace. I used to think she was just an annoying little sister, but now I realise how much I really do love her. It's funny how losing someone can do that to you. That reminds me--the whole time I was in Cali, every time I spent money (except for getting into Disney Land and food) I spent it on Candace. That's it. All on her. Man, I miss you kiddo!!

Well, my brother's on a rampage. He wrote my mom a nasty letter the other day. He's not making the best choices. He's street racing-without a liscence, no less. He's peircing about every part of his body. He just did the dumbest thing in the world: My stepdad, Mike, gave TJ (my bro) a car, right? Well, it's not quite a racing car, so he decided he didn't have any need of it. So this guy convinced TJ to sign the car over to him and give him the title. The guy told TJ he would take out a loan and pay him for the car. Well, he took out a loan, kept the money and the car because TJ let him have the title. What an idiot. I mean, I feel bad for saying that about my brother--but WHAT AN IDIOT!!

Anyway, I'm trudging on trying to keep my head up and a smile on my face. It's hard at times, but it could be a lot worse. Count your blessings!

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