Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Steps to Perfection

I have figured out how to become perfect. For real. "Impossible!", some may say. But it's true. It's right here in Matthew chapter five. There are eight steps.

The first step: Be poor in spirit. Now, most people hear "poor in spirit" and have no idea what that means. Being poor in spirit involves humility. Be poor in PRIDE. Be ever teachable.

The second step: Mourn. I know--that sounds like it sucks. But it doesn't mean you have to be mopy. It's talking about mourning--for certain reasons. Mourn for yourself. We are all sinners. Gordon B Hinkley (the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) says that when you sin and you know what you did was wrong and you feel bad about it (and I mean REALLY bad--I mean mourning), that's called Godly sorrow. Have Godly sorrow for the things that you do wrong.

The third step: Be meek. Being meek doesn't mean that you have to be all goody-two-shoes. But be patient. When I say 'be patient', I mean with life. Be patient with your struggles and your trials. We are all working on (or at least SHOULD be) a common goal--to become perfect like our father in heaven. A lot of people just throw their hands up in the air and say "That's impossible! There's NO WAY I'll ever be perfect!" and they give up. But what I'm telling you is that we all need to be patient with this process. You can't become perfect overnight. Heck, it's hard to become perfect in a whole lifetime--near impossible. But it is a reachable goal. Don't give up.

The fourth step: Thirst and hunger for righteousness. Think about a time when you were so hungry or thirsty that you would give anything--ANYTHING-- for some food or a drink. What is that like? You're so hungry/thirsty that it's painful. Like I said before--you would give anything to be filled. Be like that for knowlege, for righteousness, for the gospel, for the spirit. HUNGER for it! Don't give up until you get it, and then seek out more!

The fifth step: Be merciful. Not only to others, but to yourself. It is very important to be merciful and kind to others. It is just as important to be merciful and forgiving to yourself. When you have sinned and repented--forgive yourself! Set that sin aside and be done with it.

The sixth step: Blessed are the pure in heart. I take this one as a lot like the third step. The scriptures say to be childlike. Children are sinless--pure in heart. Have childlike faith. Be teachable, humble, meek, clean. Do the things that our father in heaven would have you do.

The seventh step: Be a peacemaker. End your contentions with others. Encourage kindness. Pray for your enemies. (I know, I know--that's a hard one...) Serve others with a happy, willing heart.
The eighth step isn't really a step with a title. It is, however, a crucial chunk of the process of becoming perfect. I guess it could have a title: Endure to the End. God says that the people that are persecuted for righteousness' sake will be blessed--they will recieve the kingdom of heaven. Readers, you WILL be tested in your life. There will be many trials and tribulations that you will have to endure. But the scriptures tell us that God will never put us through something that we won't be able to endure. If we follow all of these steps and "endure hardness as a good soldier of Christ" (somewhere in one of the Timothies I think...), the reward will be great and the kingdom of heaven ours.

This is my testimony.

Ashley--The Keeper of The Flame

P.S. All of this can be found in the book of Matthew chapter five (the beattitudes). If you get the King James LDS edition, the scriptures will be cross-referenced with others like them in other books of the Bible.

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