Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Keeping the past close, so I don't make the same mistakes..... TAKE ME THERE

Take Me There
When I know it is wrong,
Do I do it anyway?
Because it becomes an addiction.
I fear it will overcome me.
One day I will be swallowed up by it
And my return to the lighter side
Will be long and hard.
I don?t want to get that far.
Save me.
Someone save me.
To delve into all that I know is bad and wrong
Would be easy-
I could do it.
But something pulls me back.
I find myself yelling-
Screaming in pure anger
At my own stupid choices.
Being fed up with your own idiocy
Is so frustrating.
It is not a happy place.
I don?t want to be here anymore.
Let me out.
I want to go back
To the light.
I want to return to the better,
Happier side.
I want to go home.
Take me there.

That was something I wrote while I was going through my "phase" (That period of teenagehood when you do everything you're not supposed to do.) I was so frustrated with myself and the choices I was making. I knew I was doing things I shouldn't be, and I was coming to the point where I was ready to stop. It was not too long after I wrote this that I turned myself around and got back on track. I like reading this poem because it helps me to, like I said, keep the past close so I don't make the same mistakes again. I keep in mind that my low point was LOW and I remember how crappy that felt and how good it felt to emerge from that point/phase in my life. Plus, for a fourteen/fifteen-year-old, it's not too badly written...

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