Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Just a shorty to keep you updated......and bored out of your mind

I had my job interview at Kohl’s. I think it went VERY well. The lady said that she just had to run a background check and then she would call me with a work schedule. Yay! So now I probably have a job! Unless she finds something on my record that I don’t’ know about. But hey, you all know me—I’m a big felon. I’m always out breakin’ the law and stuff. I love it.

Okay, I talked to Mark today, but only for about five or ten minutes. He worked for his uncle’s fiancé’s parents a few times and they paid him today. So he was talking about how he has $170 in his wallet, but it’s all going towards my present. He said that he already put $50 down on it. Okay, I’m not one to assume, (usually) but I’m thinkin’ this is no cheap present. I told him that he was breakin’ the rules an’ all by spending a lot of money on me because he needs to save for his mission. He said that he didn’t make that rule, so he doesn’t have to follow it. What am I going to do with this kid?

Anyway, after my interview, I came home and Candace still wasn’t home from babysitting! Oi vey! She wasn’t even REALLY babysitting! She went shopping with the lady!! That’s right, my little sister gets PAID to go shopping with this woman. I don’t even know her first name. So anyway, Candace has been out shopping with so-and-so since Nine o’clock this morning! She said she was going to be back around four. Well, my friends, it’s 6:30 and there’s not a little sister in sight. I’m so bored I could eat my shoe. I got so bored that I cleaned the whole house! THE WHOLE HOUSE!! ALL of my laundry is clean. All of it. Everything but what I’m wearing right now is freshly washed and hanging in my closet. So after all of the cleaning and the tv watching, I went and played the Piano. Then I put on my Godspell show CD and sang with it for a while. THEN I started playing card games on the freakin’ computer. I even talked to my little sister’s friend, Kaydee, on the phone for a while. I am sooooo bored. I hate this. I’m going to go eat. And then I’m going to work out and go to bed. Shoot me.

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