Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hey people of the world! I am home and it is wonderful. I just entered what appears to be the realm of Senior Coolness. I don't know. People treat you different when you're an "almighty senior". I don't really know why. It's really different going to school with this perspective. Mainly bacause everyone but the teachers is younger than you....Oh well. Plus, if you get frustrated, all you have to say is "Stupid little kids!!" You get to blame everything on the sophomores. I can't wait for the rest of the year.

I think I hit a point of realization yesterday. A college called me. Now I know I'm growing up. I never thought I would get to this point. I know I'm going to read this one day and go "Man, I wasn't even that old!! What was I complaining about?" But still....It's scary when I actually get online to look up college stuff and apply for scholarships and the ACT. Holy weird.

Well, today I found out that a few people dropped out of the Shakespeare show, so I have a chance to be in it (I missed auditions)!! Yay! I just want a small part, though. Beacuse if you have a big part in the Shakespeare show, Miss Curly will give you a not-so-great part in the musical. So I might get the part of Nym. It's a small part--but that's what I'm aiming at. I hope she doesn't ask me to do Mistress Page. But then there's this other kid, Michael, who wants to be Nym also. So she said she might split the part. So I went and looked at the script--Nym has like twelve lines. I might as well be a tree if she wants to split the part...

Anyway, I'm gettin' booted off the comp. Bye now!

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