Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Another Shorty

Ugh. I just got into it with Russell H******* on MSN Messenger. He's such an idiot. I used to be good friends with him, but now he's just a jerk. He has changed over the past year. He thinks he's the crap, but he's not. He walks around like he's God and we're his little creatures. He treats everyone like they're beneath him and he treat's girls like they're just objects. He said that I was a trick because I supposedly "led him on". Whatever. I have never liked Russell like that. He was cool as a friend, but I knew what he was all about when it came to girls and what he thought about himself, and I would never put myself into a relationship like that. I believe that two of the most important factors of a relationship (among others) should be respect and honesty. I couldn't ever trust him and he would never respect me as a person--I would just be his chick. THAT'S why I would NEVER go out with him or like him that way, but apparently, he thought I liked him. Ugh. I'm so mad at him. I guess it hasn't been a change over the past year--it has just been him getting worse.

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